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Dear Editor:

Kimberly Parker’s broad experience and diverse skills guarantee if she’s elected County Commissioner she would be able to hit the ground running on three of the County’s most pressing issues: the increase in opioid addiction, the scarcity of affordable housing and our inadequate internet infrastructure.

She serves as the chair of the county’s Housing Policy Advisory Committee that created the Office of Housing.

Kimberly is currently on the staff of the Alliance (formerly the Alliance Against Domestic Abuse).

She is also a member of the Chaffee County Early Childhood Council.

Her experience implementing technology solutions for small businesses, individuals and governmental bodies indicates she has modern-day skills necessary for tackling modern-day problems.

I strongly support Kimberly Parker for county commissioner because she would bring a fresh, new perspective along with relevant experience and knowledge to the board that would complement the skills and experience of the other two commissioners.

Ellen Bauder