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Dear Editor:

Last week we saw old white men in the U.S. Senate run roughshod over women’s rights. It’s time to change that, starting right here in Colorado by electing Erin Kelley as our Colorado representative for District 60. Let’s send a young, energetic fresh face to represent us in Denver. With a criminal justice degree and experience as a senior legislative analyst, she is well qualified to work for all the people of our district.

Erin’s platform – see – addresses many important issues. Affordable rural healthcare, support for a woman’s right to choose, protection of our public lands, major increases for our schools, solutions to affordable housing and better childcare for young working families. I have personally met Erin, and I am impressed with her clear thinking to help solve these complex and vital issues in our state.

By contrast, Ms. Kelley’s opponent is Jim Wilson, running for a fourth term, with just two issues on his platform – NRA support and anti-abortion. We need better representation than that … Do male legislators really have the right to make decisions on tough women’s reproductive issues? While it is very easy for them to offer pious religious judgments, I think it is best to let each woman decide and let God be the only judge.

This is the 21st century. More women in public office are needed to make our government work better. It is time to move District 60 forward with a fresh face. I’m supporting Erin Kelley.

Roger Cox