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This letter to the leadership of the Town of Buena Vista (BV) was received for publishing by Ark Valley Voice:

Dear Mayor, Trustees,

I’d like to share a link with you in regards to the COVID-19 protocol by the City of Golden. It certainly is something that most never anticipated in having to enforce, but with increasing spikes all over the U.S., it does make sense. It worked in other parts of the world.

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Buena Vista attracts tourists and the majority of people, locals and visitors, do not wear masks. Stores with signs mandating entry only with face coverings are not able to enforce their own rules, as the majority of patrons remove their masks as soon as they are inside.

I believe that a mandate by the town itself is necessary to uphold protocol and integrity for all of us. The inconsistent approach not only causes more risks for everyone but unnecessary tensions amongst people. It invites trouble in the form of arguments that could lead to more. We have seen it happen.

BV needs the same protocol. With many tourists coming, some from hot spots, we will never see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our town suffered enough already. I feel that social distancing is only a small element to prevent spreading and it’s not applied much any longer, by most.

At the hot springs, big groups of people sit next to each other with no masks, no distance, and no regard for the risks.

So the implementing of rules like Golden did would serve our community by applying commonsense and respect for all, without the constant, unnecessary warfare amongst residents, over mask-wearing. Many make a mockery of it, which could be simply avoided by strict enforcement of a city mandate.

I don’t enjoy wearing a facemask either. As I already have breathing difficulty due to a narrow air pipe, it’s not fun to wear a mask; but it’s a small price to pay instead of the bad continuing consequences of the virus, that puts all of us and our health care workers at risk. Not wearing [facemasks] prolongs the economic downfall indefinitely and certainly does not improve the flattening of the curve. Please consider it. Thanks for your time.


Monika Courtney

Buena Vista