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Dear Editor,

Over the summer, the Foodshed Alliance worked with many local vendors to provide 10 weeks of food boxes donated to the members of Ark Valley Helping Hands (AVHH). Each week, AVHH received 10 food boxes to distribute.

Photo courtesy High Country Greens

Overall, 123 people were provided with fresh healthy eating. Members also received a beautiful cookbook, which was quickly utilized. Each week a recipe was included that could be made with that week’s ingredients.

The Foodshed Alliance worked with the following vendors to put together the much-appreciated boxes:

  • Rocky Mountain Garlic
  • Sundial Pantry
  • Triangle Oasis
  • High Country Greens
  • Palisade Peach Shack
  • Mexican Tamales Brenda
  • Les Montagnes des Saveurs
  • Poncha Creek Gardens
  • Daisy’s Daughter
  • Don’t Go Nuts
  • Big Nugget Farms
  • FabSab Superfoods
  • Jewels Garden Gems
  • Badger Creek Ranch
  • The Drunken Muffin.

AVHH expresses its heartfelt appreciation to each and every vendor, with an extra thank you to the Foodshed Alliance for coordinating the program and preparing each box. The giving nature of the Chaffee County community and the supportive neighborliness of its people is one of the reasons we choose to live and serve here. Thank you so much!

But we can’t say it better than two of our members, who let us know that: “It was like Christmas!” and “The jambalaya recipe made enough for two meals, but I just couldn’t stop eating it!”

Sara Ward, Nancy Best, and the Board of Ark Valley Helping Hands

For information about Ark Valley Helping Hands,  visit or call 530-1198.