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To Chaffee County Residents:

As a resident/property owner of Chaffee County and a consulting forester in Colorado, I am in favor of the proposed ballot initiative 1A to raise the sales tax for land and recreation management. I am involved in the Envision Chaffee County initiative and a supporter of conservation initiatives in the county and region.

From a forester’s perspective, it is very important for this county to become much more aggressive with forest management. Forest management involves many different aspects of implementation that affect our natural resources, recreation and livelihood.

This measure specifically targets these initiatives:

Forest Health and Fire Mitigation
Conserving our Working Ranches
Striving to Balance the Impacts of Growth and Increased Recreation.

What I really like about this measure is that the cost of these initiatives is shared by all users, residents and visitors alike. Vote Yes on 1A for a sustainable and progressive future for this county.

Thank You,

Jim McGannon
Forestry/Landscape Consultant, LLC