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Dear Editor:

Kimberly Parker is courageous, principled, and a fierce advocate for the disadvantaged. As Chaffee County Commissioner, she will no doubt encounter difficult situations. When she does, I am confident she will draw upon these strengths as she serves you. How do I know this? I have seen it in action.

Twelve years ago, I interviewed and hired Kimberly for a job at the University of Colorado – Boulder. I was impressed with her abilities, drive and demeanor. As her manager of four years, I saw firsthand how she faced incivility and opposition in difficult situations; and she responded with both tenacity and yet grace; with a devotion to her principles and yet compassion for everyone.

She has experience in the crucible of running her own small business. And she has excelled in technology companies as well as at the University of Colorado Boulder. She is an expert at improving both computing and human processes in organizations. She has a track record of working within a bureaucratic organization to get results. I’m confident she will use these skills to help Chaffee County government work better for you.

It has given me great satisfaction to watch Kimberly’s career and to cheer from the background as she has faced challenge after challenge and emerged a better person while also making her surroundings better. She is smart, witty, and lifts up those around her. Chaffee County has a bright future with Kimberly Parker on your team! Please vote for her.

Mark Werner