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VOTE by June 8. SDCEA’s (Sangre de Cristo Electric Association’s) proposed rate restructures for the last two years have pitted rate classes against each other and penalized renewable energy generators and low-power users, while rewarding high energy users. These actions do not fairly represent all users.

SDCEA has lost the trust of its members through these rate proposals. SDCEA is being run as a top-down corporation rather than a member-owned cooperative. Decisions continue to be made without member input, behind closed doors.

We get “Listening Sessions,” not two-way dialogue. Status quo continues unchecked. This is not cooperation. We member-owners have a say. Please vote for more transparency, a truly equitable rate structure, and attempting to lower costs without sacrificing reliability.

Vote for Jeff Fiedler and Mark Boyle. Jeff and Mark are extremely qualified (Jeff has served on numerous boards and has strategic planning experience which we need; Mark has 30 years of electrical industry experience.) I’ve met them both — they listen, engage, are forward and strategic thinkers.

Join me in voting Mark Boyle and Jeff Fiedler to our SDCEA Board of Directors. Any SDCEA member-owner can vote for them, and you can vote by June 8 via your mail-in paper ballot or online via your SDCEA account (plus voting credentials emailed separately by SDCEA).

Join me in voting for Jeff and Mark to represent us on SDCEA’s board.

Thank you,

Karen Pate

Buena Vista