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Colorado and our nation face many challenges in this election year. While Coronavirus and the worst unemployment since the 1930’s are now the most pressing, there are many issues as we head toward November. At a time when we need true leadership and problem-solving in Washington, Republicans in the White House and Senate have failed us miserably.

President Donald Trump and Colorado Senator Cory Gardner at a rally event in 2019. Image courtesy of Colorado Public Radio;

Here are just a few reasons the Trump/Gardner team need to go:

The Supreme Court. Trump/Gardner put two ultra right wing extremist judges on the bench, threatening women’s rights and our constitutional rights to free speech and assembly. Currently we have a delicate moderate balance of judges on the Supreme Court, but a Gardner reelection would tip the balance and take many democratic freedoms away. As an unaffiliated voter, I hope most Coloradans will realize this when they cast their Senate vote.

Health Care. Gardner has consistently (and unsuccessfully) voted to scrap the Affordable Care Act that provides health insurance for millions of Americans. I heard him recently on a radio interview. When asked what he would do about healthcare, instead of answering the reporter’s question, he falsely accused Biden of advocating “socialized medicine”. Biden has consistently advocated for universal healthcare, but said folks can keep their existing plans if they like them.

The COVID-19 pandemic. First Trump denies the disease is real, then lies to the nation that we have plenty of testing kits and PPE. Gardner silently supports Trump’s lies. We are now 6 months into this chaos, and there are still not enough tests and the turnaround time for test results averages a week – which is way too long as we try to get people safely back to work and school. Meanwhile, we have over 140,000 citizens dead and about 1000 more die each day.

Gardner is not a leader, but a loyal Trump follower. He votes with Trump 90% of the time. We deserve better – Gardner and Trump must both go. If you care about our future and want rational leadership, please vote for John Hickenlooper and Joe Biden this fall.

Roger Cox, Salida