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Dear Editor,

Tonight I attended the Chaffee County Commissioner debate hosted by Heart of The Rockies Radio News. Commissioners were asked about how our leaders should handle COVID-19 restrictions during the winter, when outdoor spaces won’t be so available for outdoor dining, etc.

Hannah Hannah’s response was that Americans “would die for our country, our freedoms and constitutional rights, and yet here we are afraid to die.” She said she wants Chaffee to reopen 100 percent. Let’s roll the dice. Let’s see who dies. It’ll be worth the “freedom” to eat burgers and run errands, without a mask.

As a local business owner, employer, neighbor, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and granddaughter to people I care dearly about – I am left enraged by the lack of empathy or humility in her words.

I do not find “freedom” in the unbridled selfishness of putting economic growth before human lives. I do not feel my rights have been infringed upon when I put on a mask, because I am a confident woman who believes in science, and I know it’s the RIGHT THING TO DO. I am living my life just fine in a mask. I haven’t had to close my business because we have avoided spreading the disease, and our sales are actually up, so I’m not buying her crap that masks represent “economic destruction.” Hannah does not appear to have a day job, so maybe the concept that masks keep our businesses open is a hard one for her to grasp.

I do not fear death, rather I fear the destructive ideologies Hannah is peddling in our community. Ideologies that actually strip ME of my right to “LIFE, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” – as stated by our Founding Father Thomas Jefferson.

Don’t even get me started on how extremely offensive her statement is to the veterans who actually died fighting in wars for our freedom.

The tax liens against her were one thing, but there is no excuse for this flavor of ignorance and disrespect. I will not be voting for Hannah Hannah, but I’ll let my uncle who is currently dying of COVID, alone in a hospital, know that she said not to be afraid.

Shae Whitney
Chaffee County

Editor’s Note: Hannah expressed a similar viewpoint during the Oct. 1 Candidate Forum sponsored by Truth Has a Voice Foundation and Ark Valley Voice.