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Dear Editor:

Chaffee County has a clear choice for District 3 County Commissioner: leadership versus history. While we honor service to the community and historical knowledge, that alone is not enough. We need a commissioner who is ready, willing and able to lead. Kimberly Parker is that person.

Others have stated that she is an unknown and hasn’t lived here long enough to deserve their vote. History does not entitle a person to serve any more than gender does. Kimberly and her family have been in Colorado for decades. Her scope of connection and collaboration reaches beyond this county. She is one of us but has the connections to resources that Chaffee County needs.

Looking at Kimberly Parker’s education, work history and diverse skill set, there is no doubt she is the better choice for this important position. She understands the issues and has solutions at the ready. She is working tirelessly for the under-served in our community. This is not high profile work, in fact, just the opposite. She serves the most vulnerable in our community, and she is driven to make life better for everyone, not just a vocal few.

The decisions our county commissioners make in the next few years will impact our future for generations. It is time to be proactive and elect a person with an independent voice, someone who is not afraid to take a bold stand for what is right and to call out injustice. Kimberly will bring ideas to the table to solve difficult problems, such as housing for our workforce, broadband service reliability and protecting our open space. She will bring balance to the commission.

If you haven’t met her yet, take the time. Register and vote. It’s your voice, our future.

Francie Bomer