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Dear Editor,

Regarding Mountain Mail Letter to the Editor “Where does Alison Brown live?”, June 17:

In a Mountain Mail letter to the editor on June 17,2022 Mr. Luke Parker from Salida posed the question “Where does Alison Brown live?”, stating “I am confused. How can someone who acknowledges living in Fremont County run for county commissioner in Chaffee County?”

In his letter Mr. Parker referred to an article from an interview I gave to Fremont County EDC in 2020. . This article referred to a move that I had to make in 2018 to the old mining town of Whitehorn in Fremont County.  This temporary move occurred because Chaffee County denied me a certificate of occupancy in my house at Antelope Rd, Salida for almost six months, making me and my hounds homeless in the winter of 2018 ( )

The constitutionality of the County’s actions is the subject of an ongoing lawsuit that I filed to protect other citizens from similar government overreach.  In this article, I quoted “It doesn’t really matter where I live and work. Technology enables me to work from virtually anywhere – whether from my home in Whitehorn, our offices in Salida or Monument, or on the road while visiting customers.” My house in Whitehorn is off-grid, with no cellular coverage, but I installed solar and satellite internet to allow me to work remotely when there, which was the context of the Fremont EDC article – tech workers can work from anywhere now.

While I still own my off-grid home in Whitehorn, my primary residence has been at my ranch on Antelope Rd, near my office in downtown Salida, after Chaffee County granted the certificate of occupancy after a court ruling in mid-2018.  I have been a registered voter in Chaffee County since 2011 and am completely qualified to run as Chaffee County Commissioner.

I would have been happy to answer Mr. Parker’s question, “Where does Alison Brown live?”  had he reached out to me directly before sending his letter to the Mountain Mail. My contact information can be easily found on my campaign website at

Alison Brown