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Dear Editor:

Citizens of Chaffee County, I am writing to encourage your support of Amendment 73 – Great Schools, Thriving Communities in the upcoming election. Colorado has maintained a deficit in education funding, and this is an opportunity to begin to bridge the gap.

This initiative will fund expanded opportunities for our districts through tax increments on taxable income above $150,000 and on C corporations. It is my understanding that 92 percent of all Colorado tax filers would see no change in their income tax, and our business owners, ranchers and farmers would see a drop in their commercial property tax rates from 29 percent to 24 percent.

Decisions about funding allocation will be made at the local level. If you have concerns, I urge you please to do your research and then consider your support as this is an opportunity that can really make a difference locally and statewide.

Thank you for your consideration.

Jennifer Visitacion