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Dear Editor:

During the past several weeks I have received more than half a dozen mailers telling me why I should not vote for Kerry Donovan. They have come from various organizations representing, among others, the telecommunications industry, the oil and gas industry (funded by the Koch brothers) and an organization dedicated to retaining a Republican majority in the Colorado Senate.

These are some of the reasons they have given to vote against Kerry:

  • She is in favor of net neutrality. I am glad that she is.
  • She wants to put curbs on the oil and gas industry. I am glad that she is as it will boost the solar industry and help to keep Colorado green.
  • She wants to increase funding for necessary improvements to our transportation infrastructure and public education. Regarding the latter, Colorado’s funding is somewhere between 40th and 48th among the states, depending on how it is measured.

This kind of negative advertising, funded by organizations with names that hide who is behind them, is one of the worst scourges of today’s politics. Kerry Donovan has served this district well and will continue to do so if we put aside the misleading statements of dark money and vote in our own interests.

Giff Kriebel