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Dear Editor,

Chaffee County elected Keith Baker and Greg Felt four years ago; two strong leaders who have served Chaffee County very well. Re-electing them both in November will continue their excellent work. Please consider the following:

Keith Baker is running for re-election as county commissioner for Chaffee Dist. 1

Envision Chaffee County – The County Commissioners sponsored and actively participated in this community visioning process with over 1,500 citizens.

Chaffee Common Ground – to advance three of the main themes of Envision, the Commissioners referred ballot initiative 1A. This established a Common Ground Fund that supports forest health and fire resilience; sustainable agriculture, and mitigates the impact on natural resources from increased recreational use.

Community Wildfire Protection Plan – Both Baker and  Felt participated in this planning effort with Federal/State agencies and the fire protection districts.

The Decker Fire – when the Decker fire moved into Chaffee County, the County Commissioners worked tirelessly supporting all the work and efforts of the firefighters and assisting those who were evacuated from their homes.

Chaffee County Comprehensive Plan – Keith Baker took a leadership role working with the County Planning Commission and consultants in frequent meetings.

The COVID-19 pandemic – The Commissioners have been very actively supporting the great work of Chaffee County Public Health in managing the response to the virus in the county.

For all of this and many more things, they continue to do for the community, please vote to re-elect Keith Baker and Greg Felt.

Rick and Sue Ann Hum

Mesa Antero