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Dear Editor,

These are demanding and unsettled times but one thing for sure. Elections are coming up soon. Our election process is in jeopardy in many states right now. We must do our best to stay focused on the voting procedure as we have known it.

Chaffee County Commissioner Keith Baker. Image by Luke Urbine, Arkansas Valley Digital Imaging/AVDI.

Keith Baker will be running for a second term as District 1 Chaffee County Commissioner.

He and I grew up in the same area of the country so we do speak the same language. I don’t always agree with him on some of the decisions but it’s like he says: “I’ve always thought if we all agree all the time, some of us aren’t adding value!”

His credentials are sterling and he never shies from a challenge or hard work. Our county will face obstacles we haven’t imagined but I feel confident that Keith is ready to exercise his experience and objectivity to face those challenges.

That’s why he has my vote.

Fay Golson, Salida