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Dear Editor,

Poser with guns: Boring

Future of our County: Keith Baker

2020 has been a year of unexpected events requiring difficult decisions. Here is an easy decision that will feel good: re-elect Keith Baker for County Commissioner.

While Keith’s Republican opponent poses for photo-ops with her guns, Keith Baker is busy working for us. I know our second amendment rights are secure; it is our county’s future that I am concerned about.  We need responsible decisions made by someone with their feet on the ground. We don’t need reactionary sideshows and threatening parades.

I have lived in Chaffee for 32 years and know how fortunate we are to have Keith Baker ready to serve another term: dependable, experienced, quality decisions made for our future, a solid base during a time of change in our county.

Keith knows Chaffee in many ways. Initially through his former business, The Trailhead, then through his extensive volunteerism in the county, listed on his website, including Trustee for Town of BV, before he became a County Commissioner in 2016.

Keith hit the ground running when he was elected and hasn’t stopped. He has worked on many issues including housing, Homeless Coalition, Envision, Chaffee Shuttle, Comprehensive Plan update, Public Safety, and Public Lands. (see website)

While you open your ballot and prepare to vote, Keith Baker is working for us. When you check his name, consider it your investment in the future of our county. Re-Elect Keith Baker for District 1 County Commissioner.

Louise Olsen-Marquez