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Dear Editor:

Like most people I have had to work for a living. I always worked hard for those who paid me. When I opened my own business, I worked for my customers. When I was employed by a company, I worked hard for my employer. But when it comes right down to it, we work for who pays us.

So I spent some time looking into the campaign contributions for Colorado House race 60 between Jim Wilson and Erin Kelley. After all, their contributors are who they will work for. We all know that it is the contributors who will have the most access. What I found shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has talked with either of them.

Jim Wilson, the incumbent, talks a great deal about western values and sticking up for rural Colorado. But almost 80 percent of his money has come from Front Range corporate PACs, lobbyists and other special interest groups. Of the $9,900 his committee has reported in contributions, $7,800 from corporations and lobbyists. He has received only contributions from five local residents totaling $1,100. The balance has come from the local GOP parties. His largest donor of $2,000 was a group funded by medical insurance and financial companies. Could this be why he’s against so many healthcare initiatives? So I have to ask, who is Rep. Wilson really going to work for?

Erin Kelley, on the other hand, has received $18,545.04 in contributions. Almost all of it has come from hundreds of small individual donors. I could not find one corporate PAC, lobbyist or special interest group in her list. Most of her contributions were less than $50. All but a very small handful of donations came from individuals right here in Chaffee and Fremont counties. Her largest donor was the local Democratic Party of $500.

This should make it clear. One candidate gets most of their money from corporate interests located along the Front Range. The other gets almost all of their money from local individuals. I know which one will work for me, Erin Kelley. I know which one is listening to me.

Erin Kelley is the right person for this job and deserves our support. Vote for Erin Kelley.

Douglas Welch