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Dear Editor:

It takes more than hundreds of signs and a familiar name to represent all the citizens as a county commissioner. Where is the substance, inspiration, passion, promotion of policies and programs, or leadership on issues of concern? What about returning telephone calls and responding to emails from constituents? Membership in multiple organizations, boards and councils means nothing if one just sits at the table.

Commissioners Baker and Felt are real go-getters. Kimberly Parker is, too, and will work well with them and support their efforts. She will do so with sensitivity, responsiveness and passion for resolving problems. She will be right there with them on planning and promoting new programs. Kimberly has the intelligence, personality, energy and hard working ethic to be a part of our local government.

At the initial meeting of a newly established county foundation last week, Kimberly was present, and we knew it because she interacted with the folks there, asking questions, listening and offering comments. She didn’t just stand there.

We have a vibrant, dynamic county with a growing population and lots of issues to address. We need a commissioner who will meet this environment head on and who will be involved, listen and respond and do so with care and concern for all our residents.

David Nelson