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Dear Editor:

I’m voting for Kimberly Parker and request that you vote for Kimberly too. Kimberly understands all of the duties of a commissioner and will exercise those duties in the best interest of Chaffee County.

Kimberly Parker will work with the other elected commissioners regardless of their political affiliation for what is in the best interest of our county. But she will vote against anything that she thinks is not in the best interest of the county and state her reason or offer a better solution.

In overseeing the county budget, she will ensure that the county officers have up-to date-computers and that the programs are compatible in those offices that need to share information.

For Kimberly, being a county commissioner is not just about roads and bridges. They are important to Kimberly but the other duties will be as important to her as well. We need young energetic ideas for Chaffee County and not the same old same old. A vote for Kimberly Parker is the best vote for Chaffee County.

David Nelson