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Dear Editor:

Kimberly Parker has roots in western Colorado. She may not have been born and raised in Salida but instead chose to live in Chaffee County and to be a positive influence. She has been working to help Chaffee County citizens since she arrived. She has worked to bring all the citizens together, not divide us.

As chair person for HPAC she has worked to bring the municipalities together to discuss affordable housing and has demonstrated her leadership skills in working to unite Chaffee County on important issues.

Kimberly is running for County Commissioner to help solve the real challenges that are facing our county at this pivotal time. Kimberly has been meeting with elected officials, community leaders, agency managers, law enforcement, and others who work daily to provide services and manage resources in the county. She continues to add to her understanding about issues regarding water, telecommunications, housing, child care, wildfire mitigation, public safety, and many other issues.

Kimberly Parker is prepared to immediately step into the role of Commissioner and on day one she will be a productive, contributing member of the Chaffee County Board of Commissioners. She has spent time and energy acquiring knowledge that you don’t have just from being born and raised in the county.

Kimberly didn’t start working for all of us because she was seeking recognition, not everyone wants the spotlight on themselves. In the last few months her expertise has been requested at national conferences on housing and economic justice.

We have the opportunity to elect an intelligent leader who will work for all of us. Join me in voting for Kimberly Parker!

Sally Gauvin Cassidy