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Dear Editor:

There are those who are quick to judge Kimberly Parker, casting disparaging “doubts” about her history and her character. Kimberly has been very forthcoming, exposing details about her background and personal history in a very public way. In telling her life story, she is clearly a survivor. She has risen above horrific personal experiences, things most people are fortunate enough never to have encountered, and yet, she is positive and driven.

Kimberly Parker demonstrates great courage in standing up to injustice, not only for herself, but for the under-served in our community. Her work as a victim’s advocate is powerful because she knows the trauma. She understands it in ways that most of us cannot.

Who is she? She is a hardworking, dedicated woman with deep roots in Colorado. She is a person who has demonstrated her courage to stand up for what is right. She is dedicated to making this a better place for us all.

There are forces in our county that are trying very hard to discredit her. She wants nothing more than to help solve our most difficult problems. This election is not about where we’ve been but where we are going. Kimberly is forward-thinking, has an intellectual capacity I have rarely seen and has the drive to make Chaffee County a place where everyone has a voice. She has a vision for our future. Don’t be distracted. Join me in supporting Kimberly Parker for county commissioner. She is stronger than the storm.

Francie Bomer