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Dear Editor:

I have known Kimberly Parker for at the past five years and have always known her to be responsible, friendly, innovative, professional and intelligent.

Recently I heard her speak at an event in town and she is the only candidate I’ve heard talk about child care, or lack thereof, in our county. Kimberly poignantly draws a picture of a three-legged stool to describe this issue, the legs of the stool representing housing, jobs and childcare. Take one away and the stool falls over.
We can’t address one of these “legs” without looking at the others. If a family, or single parent, has affordable housing and a job in this town but no place to put their children during the day to get to that job, then what do they do?

As an educator, woman and member of this community, I applaud a candidate who is able to have a wide-angle lens and sees the big picture when looking at issues that concern us all. I urge you to come out and hear Kimberly speak if you haven’t already, to register and to vote. I will be voting in the midterm elections and I will be voting for Kimberly Parker.

Devon Jencks Kasper