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Dear Editor:

A Chaffee County Commissioner must have the courage to stand up for all citizens of the county, have integrity and be one who can get results.

This describes Kimberly Parker. Her life experience makes her especially qualified to act for the best interests and aspirations of county citizens. That is why she has commitment to build a resilient community where we have each other’s backs − not just one particular group in our community, but all of us. She will stand up for us.

Kimberly places herself at the crux of the most complex issues we face, both in her role with The Alliance and as chair of the Housing Policy Advisory Committee. This shows me that she has courage to wade into challenges. This shows me she believes, as I do, that what is good for the often overlooked is good for all of us. This shows me that she has integrity.

Finally, Kimberly Parker has shown that she knows how to get results. Her competence in technology will harness modern systems to improve planning in the county, as well as partnerships between government, business and regular citizens.

Kimberly Parker will make an excellent county commissioner for Chaffee County, and she has my vote.

Bill Baker,
Buena Vista