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Dear Editor:

When Merrell and I went to the Touber Building on Saturday afternoon to post our ballots for the city election, we were dismayed to find that ballots are only accepted during normal business hours for city employees.

This is unfortunate and will very likely affect the outcome of the election. Many voters can be disenfranchised with the limited hours for turning in the ballots because of having to work or other commitments that keep them occupied from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday.

These are the same people who have a lot to gain by passing the referendum on Salida Crossings. Just like the petition effort that started this process, it is possible a small number of people can decide this very important issue just because they are able to get to the city offices during business hours where other members of the community cannot.

The city should make other arrangements to have longer hours to make it convenient for as many members of the community as possible to participate in this important election.

PJ Bergin