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Dear Editor:

I met Kimberly Parker two years ago through volunteering together on the Housing Policy Advisory Committee. I was impressed with her ability to listen to information, synthesize it and develop an action plan to achieve the group’s goals. She has done a great job reaching out to and communicating with our county commissioners and elected officials and staff members from Salida, Buena Vista and Poncha Springs. Kimberly Parker was a key person in getting the new Chaffee County Office of Housing established.

I have noticed that Kimberly Parker has many endorsements from people who have worked with her over the last two years. These include current County Commissioner Keith Baker, a trustee from Buena Vista, the mayor of Salida, and two Salida City Council members. These people have only known Kimberly for a few years, but clearly she has impressed them favorably enough for them to make a public endorsement. I think it is telling that three of Salida’s elected officials, who have all served with her opponent for a year or two, have chosen to endorse Kimberly Parker.

There are only three Chaffee County commissioners. On such a small board, each member must be engaged, passionate and able to lead. There is no room at the table for a follower or someone who is not an effective leader. Kimberly Parker has shown through her actions that she is ready to take on this leadership position. Please support Kimberly, a proven leader, when you cast your ballot for County Commissioner.

Paige Judd