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I am writing in support of the permanent appointment of Drew Nelson as City Administrator for the City of Salida. As the final day of his probationary period comes near, some facts have become clear:

City Council was forthright with the citizens of Salida about Mr. Nelson’s unfortunate and ill-advised actions during his tenure at Winter Park. The majority felt that his remorse was real and that his qualifications overrode the arguments against hiring him.

Mr. Nelson is, by all I have heard from City Council members, a competent and professional administrator.

Accusations against him of fostering a hostile work environment have been discredited, coming from an unreliable and self-interested source who has since been dismissed from city staff.

His wife and her family have defended him publicly and asked that he be retained in his position.

#MeToo is a powerful and long overdue movement; domestic violence needs to be taken very seriously and malefactors held accountable by their communities and the law. Drew Nelson’s demeanor and actions while on Salida city staff lead one to believe that he has learned just how close he came to devastating the lives of his family and his own future.

I believe he deserves the chance to rebuild his reputation and life in the presence of an impartial community. Mr. Nelson’s minority noisy disparagers can find a better target for their wrath.

Lee Coveney