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Dear Editor:

On Thursday, Oct. 11, The Mountain Mail published an article which “cherry picked” small passages from many pages of documents in a legal case, seeking the ones believed most likely to shock readers, open raw memories for Kimberly Parker and, in my opinion, influence readers to support Ms. Parker’s opponent.

I serve on the Housing Policy Advisory Committee for Chaffee County (HPAC). On the morning this article appeared, I drove with Kimberly to the scheduled monthly HPAC meeting in Buena Vista. We had both read the local paper that morning. I can’t presume to know Kimberly’s full range of feelings that morning. I was certainly angry about the timing of the release – a week before the general election ballots are sent out.

Whatever her feelings, Kimberly “saddled up,” did her job as chair of HPAC and led one of the most effective and productive meetings in HPAC’s two-year history. That is leadership in action, exactly what Chaffee County needs in this time of growth and change.

Kimberly Parker is a woman who had the courage to stand up and demand, “I will be safe in my work environment.” She will be the champion of all in Chaffee County, not just the powerful.

Enough, is enough! We all have mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, partners and/or women friends. Do we want them treated in this manner when they run for office? I urge men in this community to join me in publicly declaring “No!”

I will vote for Kimberly Parker because she is a strong, courageous, intelligent, forward-thinking, solution-oriented leader, who won’t be knocked off balance by those seeking to distract her from the county’s business. I ask others to do so as well.

Ken Matthews