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Dear Editor:

Well, it was certainly interesting to see David Moore put his misogyny on full display, in support of the male candidate for Chaffee County commissioner! (Mountain Mail LTE 10/29/18)

In his letter, he helpfully points out that three former county commissioners have “described qualifications” for the office. That would be three men, and, apparently, as far as David Moore is concerned, that settles it. No need for new perspectives, insights or ideas, right?

He notes that many of Kimberly Parker’s letters of support have come from women. He refers to them, derisively, as “her girlfriends.” David Moore clearly values the opinions of good old boys; girlfriends, not so much.

David Moore should take a close look at the women who have written letters of support for Kimberly Parker. Many of these women hold, or have held, important and challenging positions in private business, government and nonprofits, not to mention the very challenging work of mothering children. His casual dismissal of women’s opinions, perceptions and abilities is painfully revealing.

I would point out that in spite of attempts to drag her campaign down with character assassination, Kimberly Parker has refused to go negative. David Moore knows exactly what I am talking about here, and that is all I will say about that.

Actually, I would like to thank David Moore for helping Kimberly Parker pick up a few more votes. I am pretty sure that his letter will have that effect.

Chaffee County is growing, and changing. No amount of hand wringing and wishful thinking will stop it. To help guide this growth, we need to elect a commissioner who will think independently and who will act in the best interests of all of the county’s residents. That woman is Kimberly Parker.

Tom Bomer