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Dear Editor:

I love this valley, as do all my friends in B.V., Salida and points in between. Rarely do we get such a clear opportunity to preserve and improve our environment and secure our future − an opportunity of the kind we will have on Nov. 6.

That’s when we can all weigh in on making our valley safer from wildfires; it’s when we can cast a vote for healthy forests and clean waters. It’s when we can stand up for our traditional agricultural lands.

Ballot measure 1A will do all that and more. It will generate sufficient funds to accomplish these goals and will do so without causing hardship on anyone. We get all those benefits for about the cost of one cup of coffee per month. Tourists and other visitors to Chaffee County will contribute more to the fund than our local residents.

I am so impressed by the process that resulted in this measure being brought forward. Many people, representing many different interests, have come together to craft the plan, and it has been unanimously referred by the county commissioners.

I hope that future generations of Chaffee County residents will continue to hike up our mountain trails, cast their lines into our streams and high lakes and be blown away by the annual beauty of the aspens and spruces. We can all help make that happen by voting in favor of Ballot Measure 1A in November.

Dennis Radabaugh