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I live in Pueblo and shop at the Natural Grocers here. The employees do not wear face coverings. I realize that at least half of the population in Pueblo do not wear face masks, but I am disappointed, and concerned at the same time with this health food store that claims to “Empower Health.”

I am sure that you probably do not cover Pueblo, but I saw your article online, and just wanted to tell somebody. It has taken me this long to sit down and finally write to their corporate office requesting an explanation. It would be nice to get a reply from them, but I will not be surprised if they do not answer my email.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have limited my purchases at their store to just one item, so I can get in and out of there quickly. But, now with Omicron being so infectious, I will not be going back there.

I do not know much about OSHA, but even their website states the requirement of face coverings for employees of retail outlets.

Thanks for listening,
Pam (last name not printed by reader request)