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Dear Editor,

Ron Hanks is running for a seat on the Colorado House in HD60- Park/Chaffee/Custer/Fremont Counties.

Mr Hanks is an advocate for HD60. He is running on a platform of law and order, protecting our basic constitutional rights and our rural lifestyle of self-determination. His opponent is in favor of allowing others to determine your lifestyle- destroying the oil and gas industry, forcing the “Green New Deal” on us, and taking away your choices in health care.

Our Colorado Legislature is controlled by the far left-leaning Front Range representatives that apparently know more than you do and driving Colorado into a financial ditch. We need to be the captains of our own destiny and must elect a Representative for us- Elect Ron Hanks.

Linda Stanley is running for the District Attorney position in JD11- Park/Chaffee/Custer/Fremont Counties.

In our time of rampant lawlessness, we need a DA that takes the position that the rights of our citizens trump the rights of the criminals. Ms. Stanley is a stable resident with actual experience in law enforcement, actual experience in criminal law, and criminal justice. Her opponent was appointed to a vacancy by Gov Polis and had no actual experience to qualify as a prosecutor and whose primary stated goal is to eliminate “racial disparities in our judicial system”. We need a prosecutor, not a social justice warrior! Vote Linda Stanley,

Greg Trouth

Bailey CO

Editor’s note: the rights of all citizens are the same under the law. Those accused of crimes are innocent until proven quilty. It is inaccurate to say that the current DA has no law enforcement experience.