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Dear Editor,

Everyone can register to vote BEFORE (Halloween) October 31st – and then cast their ballots in the November 8 election.  It takes about two minutes to register to vote, and it’s easy to get started by going online at This site can be navigated in both Spanish and English. Everyone can get a full list of ballot measures, and candidates for local, state, and national offices at

There is much to consider on the November 8 ballot. Whatever our politics, we can all agree on our love for beautiful Chaffee County. We all want our elected officials to care about, and work for our community, its natural resources, economy, sustainability, and future.

The campaigning process is much like a job interview; looking at the applicants for Chaffee County Commissioner, I see one outstanding candidate- PT Wood. Your vote will help hire PT Wood to work for us as Chaffee County Commissioner. Public service is a tough job, and doing it well is even tougher.

PT Wood has the work history, leadership skills, and public service experience to be an outstanding Chaffee County Commissioner. PT is a local small business owner and has a distinguished record of public service work. During his tenure in several community service positions – including two terms as Mayor of Salida – PT has established his commitment to civility, consensus building, and listening to his constituents.

Register to vote BEFORE selecting your Halloween costume – then return your ballot, and make your vote count!

Maria Öhrn