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Dear Community Member,

A local group from St. Joseph Catholic Church is organizing a “Rosary Rally” in front of the Salida Regional Library and will also pray inside the library in an effort to rid the community of LGBTQ+ books (see attached front/back of flyer). A Rosary Rally is a signature of the fringe Catholic group America Needs Fatima, one of the 50+ groups around the country organizing against LGBTQ+, Spanish language, anti-racism, etc. books and Drag Story Hours.

The flip side of the Rosary Rally includes a list of books deemed by the effort as “perversion that is being pushed into our nation’s children at their schools and libraries.” Courtesy image

Come take a stand with our Library and for our LGBTQ+ Community! 12:45 p.m. on Wednesday, April 19 at the Salida Regional Library, 4th and E Streets in Salida.

Signs will be provided, a sign-making station, snacks and drinks for those of you joining us during your lunch hour, books, flags, and activities. This gathering is to support the library, staff, and patrons and to stand against these harmful attacks directed at our LGBTQ+ members of the community!

Sign up here and join fellow community members in taking a stand on Wednesday, April 19 at 12:45 p.m. at Salida Regional Library. Youth are encouraged and welcome!

Please share. This is an important issue and many community members are affected and concerned. We appreciate your care and action in this matter.

Jimmy Sellars
Director of Policy + Programming

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