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Dear Editor:

House District 60 constituents, I recently attended an event where Representative Jim Wilson iterated that religious freedom is one of America’s unique and valuable attributes. Separation of church and state is a phrase we’ve all heard. It is paraphrased from our constitution that declares, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

However, Representative Wilson’s vision, according to his website states, “My vision for HD 60 is that God would be welcome in our government,” which is a contradiction to this very freedom. In addition, his vision states, “America was founded upon … families made up of a father who leads, a mother who nurtures and children who respect their parents.”

Our current representative’s vision is concerning and outright archaic in its compartmentalized view of society and our place in it. I believe, and our diverse district exemplifies, the fact that a woman can lead, men can nurture and families can look numerous ways.

How is a representative with these values going to advocate for women, the LGBT community or those of varying religious beliefs? If you believe that strong leadership is best demonstrated by an accurate view and understanding of the diversity represented in this district, then I implore you to vote in this upcoming election for Erin Kelley.

Candidate Kelley proves that women can lead and has a diverse platform for HD 60 that includes technology, public lands, childcare, education, healthcare and affordable housing. As a working mom, each of these has an impact on my daily quality of life and indicates that Candidate Kelley understands working class issues.

Representative Wilson’s platform includes two things: 1) the 2nd Amendment and 2) the right to life. This is an election where literally every vote counts and has implications for our general well-being and ability to thrive, so please make your voice heard.

Megan Strauss
Chaffee County