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Dear Editor:

Join me in voting for Kimberly Parker for Chaffee County Commissioner. She will bring a new perspective and more balance to the County Commission.
In my experience with her, not only is she warm, open, thoughtful, caring and devoted to serving others, she is also an intelligent, experienced, tech-savvy business person. Her style is friendly and open to all. I also find her smart, courageous and hard-working in my association with her in The Alliance.
Kimberly has already demonstrated leadership in addressing the affordable housing shortage in the county. And, she has committed herself to representing all of us in the county well, including the younger generation, with balanced development and the prosperous future of our valley in mind.
Vote for Kimberly Parker for County Commissioner to bring a youthful, balanced, new, future-oriented perspective to our County Commission.

Svata M. Louda