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Dear Editor:

I support Kimberly Parker in the race for Chaffee County commissioner. I first met Kimberly at the 2018 Chaffee County Home and Garden Show and was immediately impressed with her warmth, intelligence and interest in the people and issues of Chaffee County.

Her business education and background provide a solid foundation for dealing with complicated county finances. This business knowledge is partnered with her true concern for the future of our county.

The issues that face Chaffee County are many and complex. These include economic and physical growth, affordable housing, quality schools and quality of life. I don’t believe that any one individual has the answers to these. I do believe Kimberly is the right person to tackle these issues in an intelligent, open-minded, research-based manner.

She has the people skills that, as a Chaffee County commissioner, allow her to work with a variety of authorities and citizens who possess a variety of opinions and concerns. I feel that Kimberly Parker’s addition to the Chaffee County Board of Commissioners is vital to the successful future of our wonderful county, and I urge citizens to vote for her.

Diane Lara