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As I understand it each county had until February 15th to elect officers and bonus members. How is it that very few people I have met, including myself, heard anything about such meetings?

Officers elected in our county, and across the state, are extremely important this year because of the passage of GOP prime-sponsored SB 101. SB101 will disallow primary conventions for electing who goes to the GOP primary and instead will substitute the need for petitioning on [to the ballot].

I find this very interesting because the conservatives at the convention last year were definitely in the majority and voted on very conservative candidates, whereas the candidates petitioning on were generally very liberal and ended up with huge financial support (somehow, from somewhere). So, this apparently is the way that the GOP  has of minimizing the inconvenient conservative voices as we don’t have the money to petition people on like the opposition does.

Not only that but by petitioning people on the whole gamut of voters from conservative to ultra liberal will decide which candidates the Republicans put on the ballot. This is an abhorrent development but one that any conservative should have seen coming after last year’s primary and election.

I, for one, am even more convinced that the GOP in this state has decided they love diversity, inclusion, and equity (DIE), all manner of Wokeness, and money more than they love the GOP citizens. It seems that here in Chaffee County the GOP board has gone right along with the Woke fiscal majority in the GOP. I definitely do not claim to be prescient but I and others had anticipated this and have seen no way around the eventuality.

As you will see, the conservative voices in the state will no longer be heard. The crime-ridden Front Range, containing the #1 city for crime in the WHOLE COUNTRY, is now losing more people than it adds. This will only become worse in terms of crime, higher taxes, drugs, homelessness, and general ignorance as people vote for “bread and circuses” instead of the responsible governance conservatives have supported.

I commend the GOP’s strategic planning that has managed to so thoroughly devastate the conservative voices in Colorado. Good luck surviving the flood of Wokeness and it’s consequences that has overcome sensibility.

Alan Seeling, ex-Chairman, Chaffee County GOP

Buena Vista

Editor’s note: there is no factual evidence to back up Seeling’s claim that the Front Range contains “the #1 city for crime in the WHOLE COUNTRY.” In fact according to USA By the Numbers: “… According to the FBI, St. Louis, Missouri, is the top city with highest crime rate in the United States, with a density of 2,082 people per 100,000 inhabitants. This city has a killing rate of 64.9 per 100,000 people, according to the latest figures.”