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Dear Editor,

I write in support of P.T. Wood running for Chaffee County Commissioner.  Experience in business and governance is important for our County to face issues of importance for our future.

P.T. Wood has the experience and a proven track record in governing, as a member of the Salida Planning Commission and as a two-term Mayor for 4 years.

PT will be ready on Day 1 and come into office already deeply knowledgeable about our most pressing issues of housing, development and protecting the agricultural, water, and heritage resources we cherish.

We owe him a deep debt of gratitude for helping our county get through the COVID epidemic and the Decker Fire and for the affordable housing units created under his administration.

P.T. has a plan for completion of the new Land Use Code and ensuring long-term protection of our natural resources and economy.

He is the best candidate for our county, far along the learning curve, and ready to lead.  If you care about the future of Chaffee County, you will turn in your ballot for P.T. Wood.

JoAnne Allen