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Dear Editor:

After long and careful thought, I have decided to vote for Kimberly Parker to be Chaffee County Commissioner. I arrived at this conclusion for the following reasons:

(1) Kimberly has shown leadership qualities that I admire. She examines a new situation with critical thinking, assesses the resources available for problem-solving and formulates a plan for gathering the input needed She forms working teams to deploy that input, and putting the resources to best use. Her work as Chair of the Housing Advisory Committee is evidence of this organized, energetic style of discernment and decisive action.

(2) Kimberly’s platform aligns with my values. She believes that everyone who lives here should have the opportunity to thrive here, including those with diverse views on key issues. She seeks a healthy community for the nurture of our children and youth. She believes that we need a county-wide collaboration to achieve the atmosphere and gain the tools (local, regional, state, and federal) that we need to lead to prosperous, active, hopeful lives.

(3) Kimberly has shown that hers is a proactive style of response to situations, valuing careful coordination and communication and including diverse approaches to challenging situations.

Kimberly is articulate when she speaks and is that rarest of candidates – one who listens and responds. Kimberly Parker has my vote.

Jeanne Herrick-Stare