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Dear Editor:

As a registered Republican, I have gotten nine different “Olen Lund for State Senate” mailers to persuade me to vote for Lund. Statements in these mailers bring up many questions. Such as:

1. Why would Lund, a non-politician, be supported by three different “dark money” PACs (political action committees) – Americans for Prosperity, Colorado Economic Leadership Fund, Business Opportunity Fund IEC?

2. Statement 1: “We can count on Olen to stand up against the special interests in Denver.” My question – how can we count on Olen to stand up when he is being supported by three “dark money” PACs all with Denver addresses?

3. Statement 2: “Local leaders agree Olen Lund has the right stuff to fight for western Colorado.” Note in really small print the mailer states “First Edition” from Rural Colorado News. A web search shows that RCN doesn’t exist.

4. Statement 3: “Olen is NOT a politician.” Lund was a Delta County Commissioner from 2004 to 2012. What is a term-limited county commissioner if not a politician?

5. “Olen has experience working with both sides of the aisle to get results.” Where did Olen get experience working with both sides of the aisle? It wasn’t when he was a county commissioner working with two other Republican commissioners.

Also, Lund vows to use his experience in local government to fight for the senate district’s rural values at “a state capitol dominated by the Denver-Boulder crowd.”

Gee, that is what Kerry Donovan has done successfully for us in District 5 since her election. Kerry has established relationships in the Senate and the House. She is on the Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy Committee, which is extremely important to District 5.

Why would anyone want to change from an established, proven successful senator who has demonstrated supporting rural western Colorado?

Mike Drake