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Let me introduce myself. I am Sandra Attebery. My husband Lynn and I  have called Custer County, home for 34 years. We are active in this amazing community, focusing on community-led solutions, self-sufficiency, and neighbors helping neighbors.

I have decided to run in the 2022 Board of Directors elections to restore trust and to be a voice for the members/owners in our co-op.

Our co-op has the highest rates in the State of Colorado. In my opinion, our board is not operating in the best interests of its member-owners and has sought to raise rates without our input as member-owners. In my opinion, the board appears to be discriminating against homeowners that produce their own energy, conserve, or limit their electricity use. We need a board that will look for innovative solutions for our electrical needs today and for the future, using clean reliable energy and working to lower rates.

The people I know and meet do have economic concerns and struggles. The continuous rise in costs for the average household has many concerned about the future. I do believe there will be a shift for those that can afford to invest in renewable energy.

As an engineer and small business owner in Fremont County for 27 years, I understand how complex systems work. I will not take the responsibility and commitment the job requires lightly, or for granted. I value solid business skills and well-managed resources, which are both needed to be an effective representative for all the members of the Sangre de Cristo Electric Association. I strongly believe in communication at all levels of leadership and in the need for checks and balances to be in place and utilized to ensure accountability. With your support, it will be my honor to represent you the members and stakeholders of this electric association, and to work to bring our high rates down while maintaining a reliable power supply.

Your ballot will be mailed to you by SDCEA mid-May and must be mailed back and received before June 2, 2022. Ballots must be returned by mail to the election firm and cannot be delivered in person. Please note: you can vote for all of the open board seats on your ballot, regardless of which county you live in. Your vote for both Sandra (Custer) and Nick (Fremont)  will be the first step in taking back our co-op.


Sandra K. Attebery
SDCEA Board of Directors Candidate – Custer County