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Dear editor:

Is “affordable housing” just a buzzword? The fact is “affordable housing” is defined specifically by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for the purpose of defining what is attainable housing in a given area for a particular family size with a given income.

The facts are, parameters to create and sustain affordable housing and are found in many resources starting at the federal level of government down to city government and were the building blocks to creating Salida Crossings. These reports are available for all to see, read and understand. Then, you, the citizen of Salida can make an informed decision based on facts, not based on one concerted group’s deceit and concept of reality.

  1. DOLA Affordable Housing Report, published 2018.
  2. Chaffee County Housing Needs and Assessments and Strategy, published 2016.
  3. Chaffee County Comprehensive Plan, published 2000.
  4. City of Salida Comprehensive Plan, published 2013.
  5. Salida Housing Task Force (Mayor LiVecchi Task Force), published 2017.
  6. Salida Housing Task Force, published 2017.
  7. Colorado Housing UnAffordability Report, published 2018.

These reports deal with facts about the needs and solutions to bring affordable housing to Salida and to protect Salida’s most valuable resource and asset, the people who work and live in Salida. Take away the workforce, our most precious commodity, the heart of Salida, and you take away some of the hardest working, devoted, kind and loving people who work hard for their piece of paradise. Many of these people work several jobs to have the luxury to call Salida home.

I encourage these individuals who declare that they know what’s good for the workforce of Salida to visit the 44 people who have reservations for Salida Crossings. Please tell that single parent that the only place they can afford to purchase in Salida is a “bad idea” or their housing need is just a cliché.

Facts will be shared over the next several weeks to allow for the citizens of Salida to make an educated decision. Over the next 5-6 weeks, we will be hosting “Q&A sessions” at several local businesses every Wednesday and/or Thursday evening from 6 to 8 p.m. I encourage all who want to know the facts about Salida Crossings and about the future of housing in Salida to come and visit us at these gatherings. Meet some of the people who will be living in the complex and get their opinion.

I invite the people who are interested in getting the facts about Salida Crossings to visit us at these events. We want to hear from you, whether you are a supporter of this particular project or not, let’s share ideas about how to shape the future of Salida and be inclusive of the people who matter in our community. Go to for more facts. Live, work, play in Salida.

Duane Cozart
Managing Partner
Salida Crossings