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Dear Editor,

The local Salvation Army extension would like to thank all the volunteers and donors who contributed to another successful Kettle Bell fundraising season. Our sincere appreciation goes out for the generosity of our community. A total of $25,913 was raised in Chaffee County to help local residents.

The money raised for the local unit of the Salvation Army is generally used for one-time financial support provided to individuals or families who have experienced a significant change in household circumstances, such as the loss of a family provider, being temporarily out of work or experiencing a medical issue that caused a financial shortfall. Funds may be used for rent, utilities or, in limited cases, dental or medical bills. Donations help those in need here in our local community. During the past fiscal year, over 52 assistance checks made a difference for residents of Chaffee County.

Of the total amount raised, almost 52 percent was collected in Buena Vista and the rest was donated at one of the Salida locations. City Market in Buena Vista and Walmart, Murdoch’s and Safeway in Salida all agreed to allow bell ringing to take place at their businesses. We appreciate their support.

This effort would not be possible without dozens of individuals who signed up to ring the bell and collect donations, often standing outside for hours in the cold and wind. There were too many volunteers to name and many whose names we do not know because they signed up through organizations such as the Rotary clubs, Elks, Marine Corps, High Country Bank, Ark Valley Helping Hands, Optimists, First Presbyterian Church and others. To each of our volunteers, we would like to extend a very sincere thank you.

We appreciate each and every person who dropped cash or a check in the kettle bell at one of the locations. A handful of donors contributed very generous donations with checks of up to $1,000. These larger donations contributed nearly 10 percent of the total amount raised.

We are fortunate to live in a community with such generous and caring individuals here in Chaffee County. Thank you!


Chaffee County DHS Supervisors

The Salvation Army Salida Extension

(Committee Members Samantha Barron, Rachel Crocker, Monica Haskell, Tara Printy, Jan Schmidt, Naomie Sisneros and Administrative Assistant, Lea Johnson)