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I write to endorse Sandra Attebery and Nick Hellbusch in their campaigns to serve as Sangre de Cristo Electric Co-Op board directors. Please vote for them during the upcoming mail-in election in late May.

Sandra and Nick have my support because they understand energy is a key factor in the high cost of living in our service area, which in turn contributes to widening the socio-economic divide.

Each has expressed to me their goal to explore and foster local, distributed production from solar, micro-hydro, geothermal, and other emerging technologies. Each has concrete, practical skills that will help them advocate for pragmatic, cost-effective,  ecologically sound solutions.

Sandra is a chemical/mechanical engineer and small business owner who has lived in Custer County for 34 years Nick is a CPA, financial auditor, and small business owner. He resides in Coaldale. Their business, financial, and project experience will serve us well as our electric cooperative negotiates a quickly changing energy landscape. We need their vision and proactive mindset to meet the challenge, and, one hopes, get ahead of it.

Regardless of your county of residence, you may vote for these board candidates. This is your opportunity to take back your Co-Op and be fairly represented.
Keith Baker
Buena Vista