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Dear Editor,

I must address the lie that Ms. Yalch is promoting in the newspaper [AVV assumes this is our print competitor since we have not published the letter to which he refers] that states solar generators in the Sangre de Cristo Electric Association (SDCEA) do not pay for “poles, lines and employees.” We all pay over $40 monthly which is the base rate for these services. Solar generators are billed the same as all users.

Life used to be so simple. We turned on our electric appliances, heaters, and lights and went about our daily chores not having to think too deeply about the electricity we were taking for granted. As owners of SDCEA we have inherited a complicated set of circumstances. We are now tasked with finding ways to ensure our children’s children’s future electrical supply while maintaining the amazing reliability we are used to.

All SDCEA co-op members will receive mail ballots and online ballots. I encourage everyone to vote for Jeff Fiedler and Mark Boyle. These two gentlemen have many decades in clean energy and power generation. I believe they will serve us well. The solutions we need to find must be reliable and financially sustainable. I look forward to working with the SDCEA board to secure our future electrical needs.

Paul Gregg
Salida, CO