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Fellow SDCEA co-op members,

I encourage you to research the rate change proposed (yes, again) and voice your comments to our Board of Directors, either by letter to or contact your board member representative directly. I myself will be asking for a “no” vote — if the impact is revenue neutral overall, then why unnecessarily burden those who use less energy, by the 45 percent increase in the service fees?

The proposal also will split out distribution and energy charges so that time-of-day demand rates can be charged later this year (meaning: don’t wash your clothes at night!). Don’t be fooled by the decrease in the kWh rate because you won’t reap any benefit unless you use more than 670 kWh/month — effectively rewarding larger energy use, not conservation.

The average member will still be paying the most in the Colorado Tri-State service area, and will be forth highest of the 47 co-ops Tri-State serves, for electric service! And there may be unintended consequences — less alternative energy development in the valley, and existing solar members going off grid completely, removing this cheap energy supply for neighbors.

It disheartens me that we are in this same place again, and just a short time before SDCEA’s Board of Director’s elections for three of the seven seats, three-year terms. I ask that you ENGAGE. Research this yourself. Speak to your neighbors.

Write a letter to the Board or sign up to attend the March 29 virtual meeting and speak about how YOU feel about the rate change and its impacts on your household and the community. I’ve summarized mine and am writing the Board as well.

Join me at the SDCEA virtual board meeting!

Karen L. Pate
Buena Vista

Editor’s Note SDCEA  stands for Sangre de Cristo Electric Association.