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Dear Editor,

The controversy about the proposed SDCEA [Sangre de Cristo Electric Association] rate changes is unfortunate.   The SDCEA used to be in a very uncontroversial position. There just wasn’t much to disagree over.

But now two things have changed:

1)  We are at the beginning of a historic energy transition with much uncertainty,

2)  SDCEA  is taking a single perspective, almost political approach, to readjusting “fair” rates. As you know, “fair” can be a matter of perspective.

Yes, perhaps rates should be adjusted. But, SDCEA  is taking a one-sided, short-term view of the energy transition. For the first time in years, there is opposition to SDCEA policies. It is particularly disappointing that the  SDCEA CEO Paul Erickson calls the disagreeing members “special interests”, which sounds like he is dismissing the views of a sizable portion of his Co-op members.

We don’t need or want a battle. Paul Erickson’s job should be conciliatory and consensus-building rather than advocacy and polarizing.  Change is upon us. We and SDCEA need to accept it and manage it. In the end, neither sides nor perspectives will probably get all they want.

Christof  Stork
Buena Vista