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Dear Editor,

New Rates Will Promote Dirty Energy.

In December, Sangre de Cristo Electric Association (SCDEA) announced a proposed rate change and their member/owners are very upset.  Over 600 have already signed an online petition to stop these rate changes.  When the SDCEA board of directors held their online meeting on January 26, over 170 members were on the call, while at least 35 member/owners took the opportunity to directly and politely beg the board to scrap this backward-looking rate plan.

So what is all the fuss about?

The proposal will raise members’ fixed monthly base rate from $38.83 to $53.15.  This new structure will unfairly punish members who are trying to conserve energy by charging them more for their minimal electric use.  Plus, local SDCEA members who are presently providing clean solar power to the grid will also be punished with new punitive surcharges that are most likely illegal under Colorado law.  The net result of all these changes will be to encourage the consumption of more dirty, coal-fired power from SDCEA’s wholesale supplier Tri-State.

Due to public outcry over this plan, SDCEA’s directors decided to delay the proposed rate rollout for one month, until their February 23 meeting.  Hopefully, they have listened to the members that elected them and will reconsider the wisdom of the proposed rate plan.

If you want to leave a more livable planet for your kids and grandkids, please call SDCEA, 719-395-2412, and ask to be invited to the February 23 board meeting.   Also, please email the SDCEA board chairman, Joe Redetzke,, and ask that the board vote to withdraw the new rates and stay with the current electric rate plan.

Roger Cox,

Piñon Hills, Salida