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Dear Editor,

In Buena Vista, several Joe Biden and Keith Baker yard signs have been stolen (including mine). I hesitated to write this letter because although stealing yard signs is unethical, illegal, hateful, and infringes on my first amendment rights, I didn’t want to make a big deal of it: turn the other cheek and all that.

But then I talked to a local woman I know who was discouraged that she wasn’t seeing many yard signs for her chosen candidates, and I realized that it is important to speak up so that people don’t feel disenfranchised and isolated.

There are many of us who support Joe Biden for President, and who support Keith Baker for County Commissioner. And there is no requirement that you be an affiliated Democrat to vote for either of these people. We vote for a return to sanity and good leadership. We love our country and our county. We have the right to support our candidates of choice and to put up yard signs to show our support.

Don’t feel like you are alone if you support these candidates. Don’t let petty hate and intimidation keep you from voting your conscience. VOTE. Please VOTE.

May kindness and respect reign here in Chaffee County, yard signs or not.

Susan Greiner

Buena Vista