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Dear Editor:

I have known Kimberly Parker for several years as a friend and former Family and Youth Initiatives colleague and have always been impressed with her professionalism, toughness and breadth of knowledge on many different fronts. Most importantly, her commitment to people and their challenges is well-informed and passionate. I will be proud to have her as one my Chaffee County commissioners.

Seeing Kimberly in action advocating for families in difficult situations is inspirational. She maintains a calm, focused demeanor to solve problems when emotions are running high and she has shown this as well as some very personal things have come to light recently. That takes a very special of person in my opinion. In her work as commissioner this attribute will serve her and her constituents well when the going gets tough.

Kimberly’s expertise and experience in many different areas are equally impressive. Her two years on the HPAC, knowledge of health care issues for all, deep experience in the IT world over many years, and her continued advocacy work with youth and families with the Alliance make her a true renaissance woman. And her past history indicates she will continue to learn and broaden her reach to benefit her community.

Through her track record, I see someone who is passionate and committed to her community in Kimberly. She will take an informed stand and advocate for all people in Chaffee County.

Dibby Olson